Coaching from Beginning to End

BEGINNING: Know the Old Path and Envision the New

  • Contract: Agree together what we'll be working on and how we'll partner
  • Current State Discovery: Dig deep. Figure out what's really going on. Gather stakeholder input and complete assessments to better understand who you are and where you're at. 
  • Future State Clarity: Get really clear on where you want to be and set goals to get there. 

MIDDLE: Forge the New Path

  • Insight-Action Cycle: Coaching sessions open up new insights and move you to action, which provides more new insights and more opportunities for new beliefs and behaviors. This is where you really impress yourself. Check in on progress along the way and re-calibrate your goals as needed.

END: Travel On

  • The Path Forward: You've experienced powerful growth. We'll measure it, reconnect with your stakeholders, and make a plan to keep you exceeding your expectations.