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As a leadership development professional and executive coach, Claire believes in a whole-person approach to growing effective leaders and professionals. When people step into their fullest potential, the result is integrative work-life fulfillment, high-performing teams and outstanding business and organizational results. Claire provides a balance of support and challenge to her clients, helping them grow their effectiveness by increasing self-insight, clarifying choices, and taking focused actions.

Claire uses simple, powerful questions and provocative, sometimes surprising techniques to partner with leaders and professionals in growing their capabilities. She quickly creates an atmosphere of trust and lightness while helping people do the hard work of changing both beliefs and behaviors. Claire’s clients gain clarity about who they really are and how they want to show up, and they get better at acting in ways that align to their own vision of success. They live and lead on purpose like never before, with the positive impacts of their growth spanning both work and life.

Claire holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource and Change Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, both from the University of St. Thomas. She has also completed advanced studies in adult development and is certified in Hogan Assessment Systems. After devoting her early career to the non-profit sector, she built a career in leadership development at a Fortune 50 corporation in Minneapolis, MN, where she designs and facilitates leadership programs on topics such as coaching skills, building high-performing employees and teams, influence, and strategic thinking.

In the words of a past client: “Claire helped me uncover things about myself that I thought I’d resolved and conquered.  Claire quickly identified tactics I found effective and used those tactics during our sessions to help me see all I am truly capable of. She lifted me up each session and gave me strategies I can use in my everyday life to constantly improve.  I highly recommend Claire as an executive coach. She will identify how to best engage you, help you see your capabilities and make you feel amazing through the entire journey.”